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#1 travel accessory?

We travel a fair bit and have for 20 years or more, at least two to three international flights every year. So what is the most important travel accessory you ask? While the neck wrap for sleeping is great and those nifty travel bags are also cool, none are as important as these. You ready for this... . Clorox Disinfecting Wipes! There are a lot of wipe choices but basically this type is easy to carry and something that does not upset the TSA.

One of the hazards of travel is being in a flying aluminum can with hundreds of people, some of whom are disgusting pigs. Now while that may seem harsh, let me just say that after watching passengers over dozens of flights for all these years, trust me it's not.

To quote from an article in Time - "Alarmingly, a 2015 study by TravelMath that tested samples from hard surfaces in planes found that tray table surfaces had more than eight times the amount of bacteria per square inch than the lavatory flush buttons". The trays were filthy!

This is just the beginning. From air vents and seatbelt buckles to toilets, headrests and aisle seat tops.

As an example, passengers treat the pocket on the seat in front of them as a wastebasket, stuffing trash, dirty tissues, used diapers and more into the pouch. Yeah pretty gross!

Think about how long it takes to deep clean a home. Now realize that a large aircraft is way harder to clean and they turn them around in no time. Next time you leave an international flight be the last off the plane and look around as you leave. It's worse than a sports stadium after a big game!

This is where those handy little wipes come in. First order of business when you sit down is to pull one out of the resealable sashee and wipe every surface that can be touched. Window seat? Wipe the shade and any part of the wall you can reach. Yeah we go that far!

We swear by this little phobia and have a 99% plus percent healthy arrive and vacation record.

This phobia includes rental cars and hotels just for good measure. They say you've got nothing without your health so this little travel accessory is hopefully going to keep you healthy!

Safe and healthy travels to you.



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