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Jet lag? Not on!

Oh the places we have been!

We recently were talking about staying healthy and not catching some life threatening disease during our flights.

Jet lag is the other down side to long haul air travel. Once you cross a couple or more time zones during a flight, Jet lag it is on the table. Well worry no more, we got you covered!

Having traveled half way around the world at least 40 times between us in the last couple decades, we recon we have some sound advice to offer. At least how we survive, and maybe, just maybe, our experience my benefit you as well.

So here goes. Most of our survival practices are relatively simple and some seem to be obvious once mentioned but its surprising how few people actually make a conscious effort.

Rule number one is be, and stay, hydrated. Yeah yeah you say. I always drink water. OK, that may be true but do you drink it in a way that keeps jet lag at bay? Probably not. Here's the deal. Not only do you need to be optimally hydrated 'before' you get on the plane, staying hydrated on a plane takes effort. The super dry 5-20% humidity is in stark contrast to most normal ground level relative humidity of 50-80% means you need to be consuming way more water than normal. Constantly sipping, and if like us you like to enjoy the hospitality of the more professional airlines and imbibe in the alcoholic beverage offerings, you need to double the number of ounces water to alcohol to keep up. While no double blind, scientific experiments have been done to verify this, as stated earlier, this has been tested dozens of times.

One of the other biggies is napping. Here is the scenario. You have been travelling for 24 hours and you arrive at your destination in the am sometime. One of the biggest mistakes is to succumb to the desire for a nap in the mid afternoon. Just don't! Hang in there and stay awake until a reasonably normal bedtime. When in doubt allow for no more than a 10 hour sleep. Ideally a similar length to what you normally would have at home. This will help get your system into a normal rhythm. Just do it! At least for a couple days. Trust us...

So Kiwi Chris puts it most eloquently - Maybe I’m lucky, maybe I’m special (yeah, nah). Jet lag and I have had many meetings, and we have an agreement. I win. I have read many articles about how to counter the effects of long distance travel, and here I now add my two cents.

First – drink (wine, beer whatever they offer) on the plane. Well, if it’s free I feel its rude not to. Watch a movie, take an Advil PM, and Bob’s your Uncle.

On landing set your watch/phone and live by the new time. Eat at the new time. Drink at the new time. Just because it’s 6 am at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass of wine in Paris! Honestly that’s the key. Mental strength of not saying to yourself its bedtime at home. OK, drink a big glass of water and go out, keep moving. If you sit, you’re out, and you lose. Next day – repeat and you are good for the trip! On the way home its different. Chuck a sickie!

What are some of your solutions to avoid Jet lag?

Happy Travel Adventures,



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