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May 3, 2016

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One to pay attention to, Quin Wines

November 17, 2018

Some of you Aussie punters may have tasted this, but here in America this wine has not, and may never, cross your path. 

This last July while on another #aussiewinewalkabout I had the pleasure of spending time with Hentley Farm Winemaker Andrew Quin. Andrew has been winning awards for his work with Hentley Farm for years and so it came as no surprise when his personal project, Quin Wines, was a hit right out of the box. More on that later.


Sitting here at home in Monterey California sipping this beautiful Eden Valley Shiraz, I am reminded of what a talented and insightful winemaker Andrew is. I also cannot overstate just how bloody good this wine is. 


For those familiar with Hentley Farm wines there are some similarities. Well crafted balanced wines that reflect where they come from and this is no exception. 

Prior to labeling and all that stuff, Andrew sent me off with a couple samples of just bottled wines. I carefully packed them in my suitcase and transported them halfway around the world to California. I have patiently (actually very impatiently) given them sometime to recover from the trip before twisting off the cap and drinking.


So the following is the obligatory boring description (I error-ed in not getting winemaker notes to let you know if there is anything but EV Shiraz in this).

2017 Quin Wines Eden Valley Shiraz.

With grapes from the cooler Eden Valley, a sub-region of the Barossa Valley in South Australia, this beautiful wine is a perfect example of a sophisticated style with more polish and nuance than most. A good whiff reveals a combination of black, blue and red fruits, a little white pepper and a subtle warm earthy note in the background.

This divine combination continues onto the palate with the black, blue/red fruits again playing the leading role. A nice amount of acid and velvety tannin provide a sublime finish. This wine is soft, expressive and complex. This wine rates an 8+ (possibly a 9) on the official Winewalkabout scale.


Last I heard labels and boxing is complete and sales will be starting shortly but don't wait, signup on Quin Wines website, and be the first to get some of this amazing wine. I guarentee it wont last long once word gets out. Following is just the start of the accolades.


Quin Wines an