One day not too long ago, we were having a good feed and a glass or three of wine, recalling our recent trips to Australia and New Zealand when someone of great wisdom told us we should share our Adventures. Look, we are just a couple of mates, one from New Zealand and one from Australia now living in the Monterey area of California, who love a good holiday with good food, wine, and great places to visit and stay. We are always on the hunt for a good time and a good glass of wine. Value! An overused term to be sure but fundamentally what we are looking for. Our new goal is for you to maybe learn from our Adventures, or vicariously have a wonderful experience in the comfort and safety of your own home through us. Venture out only if you want. We will Travel and Stay and do the drinking and eating for you. We plan on telling you about the places. people, food, and wine we come across on our Adventures and tell you what to expect and occasionally what to avoid.


When we started our plan of telling you about the food and wine we were consuming, we got a little sidetracked as we discovered that the current methods of ranking wine etc., may not really suit our style or be our best choice. So as a significant amount of wine was consumed to lubricate our brains we decided to create our own system.

We have been thinking about what may be of importance to our readers. No, not how to pick the winning lottery numbers, although that may indeed be worth some effort. No, just about stuff to do with wine mostly. Like glassware, does it make a difference, long term storage, allergies, and headaches? Other things like how to pick wine off a wine list at a restaurant, tasting time management, and how to pick three or four tasting rooms to visit in an area that may have two hundred or more and those types of keeping you awake at night kind of things. There are quite a few more but you get the picture... Cheers!

Now, where to begin? Ah, yes...

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