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We are Trev and Chris. The former is from the wine capital of the world, Adelaide South Australia, and the latter from New Zealand. Let's face it with New Zealand and Australia being so small and so close it only stood to reason that we could have known each other as kids before actually meeting here in California decades later. Right? And yes we know that last sentence is confusing and basically crap but you may be surprised how many don't!

We met through our day jobs in California, and discovered we each loved wine and had opinions. I know, an Aussie and a Kiwi with opinions! It wasn't long before we decided to share those ideas and opinions on social media, and so the story begins.

First and foremost we love wine and most things surrounding it. We are not just Enthusiast's or Spectators, we are passionate about wine.

While we are not Sommeliers, we are not exactly neophytes either. Although from time to time on an occasion or two, things may have come out of our mouths that may fit us in these categories it would not be the norm. With no real formal training other than many a tasting seminar, blending seminars master classes, and heaps of wine industry conversations with winemakers, owners, vineyard folks and marketing types, we have also read a fair bit and we have practiced some. OK a lot, we practice a lot!

Since we don’t remember ever describing wine as ‘blowsy’ we don’t think the descriptor ponce is applicable either. We do know that the flavors we taste in wine are not pieces of chocolate or tobacco for example stuffed into the bottle for flavor. Given that we don’t necessarily subscribe to the idea that we fit into the wanker category, even though we have both been called that on occasion at some time or other. Although generally not related to a wine conversation.

Look it is pretty rare...

With that being said, follow us along on our Adventures for some entertainment and enlightenment from a couple of tossers who plan on practicing a lot... wine, food and travel adventures. Oh and some stuff we find funny...



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