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Submitting Samples

Wine, Wine Accessories, Wine Events, Travel, Stay, or food related as well.  

Submitting Samples for Review.

We love wine, and we love tasting it! All wines that feature as a review/tasting on WineWalkabout have been tasted by either Trev or Chris or both. We won’t ever review a wine that we haven’t tasted personally unless we use a trusted associate, so if you would like us to feature your wine – the best way to win us over is for us to taste it! You can do that by sending us a sample or inviting us to your wine region or a restaurant where your wine is poured (we travel a lot and love snapping pics of wine with food!).

Yes, WineWalkabout does accept samples of wine, wine-related books, and wine accessories for review, or anything else you feel we may have an interest in based on our writings. If you are interested in having your wines, wine related-products, hotel, B&B, or restaurant reviewed on WineWalkabout, please follow these guidelines...

* Send us an e-mail at and include a     brief description of your offer.

* Provide your name and specific contact e-mail address.

During summer months, we encourage you to send wine samples or perishables via FedEx, to ensure we receive your wine as you intend it to be tasted. If you use UPS, please ensure the ship-out date is on Monday or Tuesday. Please send a tracking number via e-mail when the shipment goes out. Just like you, we want your wine to survive the ride.

Shipping address;

1628 N Main Street #294
Salinas, Ca 93901


Important Shipping Information

Also please include the following, either with the samples or in electronic form via e-mail:

* Technical Sheet with production notes and vintage information.

* Approximate retail price or tasting room price.

* A list of distributors and states/countries where your wine is currently available if applicable.

Please send two of every perishable just in case one is not up to the standard so we have a comparison sample.

Our Policy on Reviews

We like to tell our readers about good wines and good things! And do not think our readers want to hear about something we don’t like, especially if we received it as a sample. While we appreciate all samples that are sent to us, we make no guarantee that we will like, or write about them. Wines that appear here do so because we like them or on occasion are significantly interesting enough to write about. We can promise you that we will taste all wines we receive even if a review does not appear on WineWalkabout.

Our Policy on Guests Posts

Occasionally you will see Guest Posts on our blog. All of our guest’s posts are written by friends, fellow wine writers, or someone we know personally in the industry who has a special insight or perspective.


We also love to get invitations to attend wine tastings, winemaker lunches and dinners, trade tastings, and other food and beverage-related events. We have full-time non-industry jobs and are sometimes unable to attend every event, so we will ask a colleague who knows something about wine and food and the tenor of our magazine to cover the event and write a guest post on our behalf.

Happy Tasting Adventures,



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