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Best Credit cards for Traveling Abroad

We recently were contacted by US News Money and asked if we had an interest in sharing what they had discovered in their research on credit cards and which ones are best for different wants. Look, we both have traveled overseas a bunch and have some firsthand experience in what’s good and what’s not. What’s better, cash back or airline miles? We have our own opinions but the folks at US News Money have a bunch more time to research the big picture. For us there are some basic things to keep in mind. How fast would you accumulate points, miles or cash and do they expire? This can be critical to save for that big trip. We have experienced first hand being treated like a second class citizen by


Gregg waited in the dark on a cold foggy New York morning on the corner of 13th and Third. His heart started to race with anticipation of Julie's arrival. He was supposed to be helping her train, but something deep inside him knew it was becoming more than that. As cupid would have it, it was to be the beginning of a journey that would take him around the globe and in directions he never dreamed of... Recently we were contacted by Gregg Rothberg of 13th & Third wines asking if we would be interested in a sample of his wine for reviewing. Well, we are always up for wine and giving our opinion, but after reading a bit about his story we decided the appropriate thing to do was step it up, s

Wine preservation for all

We all, well most of us, have those revered bottles of wine that we want to savor but don’t always have the situation to drink it at one sitting. The absolute horror of wasting any part of a great bottle is paralyzing to most. This then leads to a bottle waiting for that super special occasion that never comes and a beautiful bottle dies a slow lonely death. Then there are those that just don't want to drink a bottle of wine in a couple nights. There are some preservation options with needles and such but is there an inexpensive alternative? The simple answer is yes, and recently one was sent our way to check out. The ArT wine preservation system. An easy inexpensive way to have a glass of

Do yourself a favor and Just go winetasting!

Ah, wine tasting, that wonderful adventure. What a great way to spend a day. Wine tasting is such fun! No really! Its a great way to hang with friends and enjoy the adventure that is finding new wines for the next event or dinner party. Its also the best way we know of finding wines you did not know you enjoyed. So for all of you who are a little intimidated by the thought, don't worry, and don't be intimidated by the ponces or the wankers just go do it! So our suggestion is to taste whatever and whenever you can. Don't get too fussed or focused on varieties (I'm not drinking any f#&@king Merlot, just shut it Miles), because they taste very differently in different regions and under the guid

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