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What is a Mollydooker?

So what is a Mollydooker, and why you should care. A mollydooker is an Australian expression for a left-handed person. The term itself being Aussie slang for a “left hander’, was a befitting name for a new company in 2005 as both co founders are left handers, hence the name, Mollydooker. Mollydooker Wines Pty Ltd is based in the McLaren Vale wine region in South Australia. It was founded by Sarah and Sparky Marquis in 2005. As of a few years ago it is now owned and operated by Sarah who was the Australian Woman in Wine Award winner of “ Owner / Operator of the Year Award 2018” Mollydooker has an established reputation for producing world-class wines. For instance, the 2006 Velvet Glove Shira

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