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Wine Tasting in Tuscany

Tasting wine in the beautiful region of Tuscany is a must do on any wine lovers bucket list. There are some amazing producers with all kinds of history and accolades. Trying to decide where to taste is not an easy thing to do and given limited time and an established route in place even more difficult. Given all the the possibilities, choosing was, well just overwhelming. Somehow after a few glasses we managed to pull ourselves together and start to plan. Did we get lucky or do we know what we were doing? Truth be told, mostly lucky, but with a little bit of knowledge of one of the producers. With out boring you with how we came up with the four we visited lets just tell you about what a

Torbreck Wines and Simon "Fish" Fisher Shiraz

Recently I was at Torbreck having an amazing taste of some iconic wines when I was told the story of Simon "Fish" Fisher. A heart breaking and heart warming story all in one. A story that breaks your heart and renews your faith in humanity at the same time. It will bring you to tears, because of tragedy and triumph simultaneously. I simply could not, not buy a bottle. This is just another reason to love this industry. This is from the Torbreck Blog and website... 2008 Blog post...Simon Fisher was a top bloke. A larrikin musician with a cheeky smile, he was our Assistant Cellar Door manager until his untimely passing in August 2008. I thought it would be appropriate to name our newest vi

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