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Anna de Codorniu, Cava.

We were surprised to know that Cava is far closer to Champagne (in terms of taste) than Prosecco. If you’re looking for value bubbly, Cava might be in your wheelhouse. Cava is made the same way that Champagne is produced, but with different grapes varieties. Cava DO (denominacion de origen) is the official classification of Cava. It can be produced throughout Spain but most Cava is made (95%) in Catalonia (although allowed in 7 regions). Codorniu Cava = wine cellar in the Spanish language. There are a number of regional and international grapes used - 9 that we know of - Macabeu (white), Parellada (white), Xarel·lo (white), Chardonnay (white), Malvasia / Subirat parent (white), Pinot Noir (r

Bargetto Winery, an American Wine story.

So there I am drinking it a tasting room (stay focused now) in Santa Cruz and this guy (the owner of the winery) steps behind the bar. With corked bottle of wine in hand he tells his staff to smell and taste it and to have the other folks working there smell and taste it when they can (continuing education). Well surprise surprise, I could not keep my mouth shut and had to chime in. This lead to a great conversation, with non other than John Bargetto himself of Bargetto Winery. We talked and some more wine was poured and we continued the conversation and next thing I know I walk out of there with the book (Vintage Bargetto Celebrating a Century of California Winemaking) that John had had pub

Torbreck 2015 The Steading Blanc

What the heck is a Steading? On a highland farm the collection of barns, stables and its outbuildings is known as a steading. With that piece of clarification out of the way lets get to the wine. The Steading Blanc is a blend of three classic white Rhone varietal grapes, Marsanne, 65% Rousanne, 30% and Viognier, 5%. All of the grapes were picked at the Descendant Vineyard. Marsanne and Viognier ever so 'gently seasoned' in French barriques. Flinty minerals, with a subtle butteriness. Surprisingly rich for something so bright yellow with lovely zesty citrus and a nice acid balance for a beautiful finish. This wine was a gift, both literally and figuratively. Thanks for the gift of a lovely wi

Talking smack about caps vs cork, an overheard conversation...

I cannot tell you how many times we hear some wanker spewing ignorant information to impress someone or perhaps not want to admit they don't know something at a tasting room. Occasionally we have heard enough, drank enough, or are not being supervised and we engage the afore mentioned wanker. Recently while out tasting through some new releases at a local winery, one of the customers asked the pourer if this particular winery had any wines under screwcap. The response from the tasting room staff got my attention, not only because it was wrong, but by the absolute certainty and disdain with which this opinion was dispatched. So what was the response? - Not only do we not, we would never consi

Our days and nights with Viking River Cruises

From Trier Germany down the Mosel River, to the Rhine and finally the Main. A journey of wonder and amazement with Viking River Cruises. Where to start? Lets start as the alarm goes off on our first full day on the River Boat Alsvin. Alarm you say? Yes, some of us can sleep through a storm, particularly in such comfortable rooms and the days start with a full on breakfast and then going on our tours which typically left at 9am. Each day there are provided tours and also some that are at an extra cost. We did most of the provided tours and a couple extra cost ones because we are not the type to miss out on anything. These tours were amazing and the tour guides were fantastic. The guides spoke

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