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Now that we're all cooking at home

With all this self isolation going on, it seemed only appropriate that we shared a tip on how to make those dinning experiences better. If you are like us, we usually take our good wine out to nice restaurants because, well, they are much better cooks than us. It's not that we don't buy good cuts of meat but we just do not share the same skill level. Look, now that we can't go out to restaurants, we needed to step up our game and the easiest way to do that is to bridge the gap with something we normally would not do. So what is the biggest difference between your / our home cooked steaks and the ones you get at a restaurant? A GREAT RED WINE REDUCTION SAUCE! For having a little of that resta

Eat, drink, and be merry

G'day all. We hope this finds you well. In this time of global crisis, it seems some of the world has gone stark raving mad. The willingness to spread rubbish stories of doom and gloom or of miracle protections and cures is just flabergasting. Look we are not doctors but are literate enough and smart enough to only believe the news from viable sources. The madness being spewed is everywhere and is to be ignored and not shared. That aside now seems like a good time to reset a little and enjoy some downtime with the ones closest to you. Unfortunately, it is only the ones that are literally closest to you as travel is pretty sketchy. With what is by all accounts a #GlobalPandemic a lot of peopl

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