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Bella oh Bella! Sailing on Monterey Bay.

How’s cruising on a 47' Luxury Italian Racer / Cruiser yacht sailing for your personal pleasure on the beautiful Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary in California. Sound good? You better believe it is! This amazing experience aboard Bella on the Bay is for you. Take one of the most beautiful places on the planet and add the magic of having someone sail you around in the middle of it all on a beautiful yacht. Some days this could be indescribably magical and others it may just be simply fantastic! TripAdvisor rated as the #1 tour in Monterey and with 5 out of 5 stars. Doesn’t get any better than that! Captain Christian is a one of the most welcoming, enthusiastic, friendly people you will ever mee

2018 Great Wines of Italy

What to do when a disaster happens? What disaster you ask? We could not attend one of the great wine events of the year, James Sucklings Great Wines of Italy. But do not fear, we called in another Aussie drinker to attend so you, and we, could enjoy all of those beautiful Italian wines vicariously through a wine lover with a fine palate and not just a couple of grumpy old punters. So this time you don't need to take our word for it, you now have the privilege of reading about this great event from a very talented Aussie, Michelle. In her words; Whether you're a rookie or have a seasoned Italian palate, wine tasting events are always a stellar way to learn more about what's in your glass. Lea

Jet lag? Not on!

Oh the places we have been! We recently were talking about staying healthy and not catching some life threatening disease during our flights. How to stay healthy while flying Jet lag is the other down side to long haul air travel. Once you cross a couple or more time zones during a flight, Jet lag it is on the table. Well worry no more, we got you covered! Having traveled half way around the world at least 40 times between us in the last couple decades, we recon we have some sound advice to offer. At least how we survive, and maybe, just maybe, our experience my benefit you as well. So here goes. Most of our survival practices are relatively simple and some seem to be obvious once mentioned

How to arrive healthy when flying.

While most people think that the “recycled” air you breathe in while flying in planes is the main cause of illnesses, it really isn't. Wait, what you ask? Look, the air is constantly filtered through hospital-grade HEPA filters at a rate of approximately a complete scrub every five - six minutes meaning it's some of the cleanest air you will ever breathe. I know, crazy huh. So no, its not the air! What you really need to watch out for are all those germ covered surfaces. While the trays are far and away the germiest part of a plane (don’t rest any food on it without a napkin or prior to wiping down), there are other surfaces like the armrests, seat belts, remote controls, touch screens and b

2018 Paso Rhone Rangers

Every year we really look forward to joining members of the Paso Robles Chapter of the Rhone Rangers for a day in Paso Robles Wine Country. Held at the great barrel room at Broken Earth Winery we had a wonderful day with some of America’s leading producers of Rhone varietals while getting to explore what makes Paso Robles so ideal for these great grapes and wines. This fun day includes not only a grand tasting, but if you get in soon enough, a seminar and luncheon with the wine makers. We could not attend the ‘Rhone Essentials’ seminar this year but if we had like in past years, we would have tasted a top example of each of the principal categories of Paso Robles Rhone wines as we heard from

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