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Top 5 South Australian wine areas

Top 5 South Australian wine areas Kind of a trick headline to get you to read about what we think are five truly amazing places. The operative term here is 'what we think'! Before you all start to campaign for your favorite area (although would be interested to hear about) these are just the places we feel are the top five. You are entitled to your opinion with or without facts. Keep in mind that all of the following areas are filled wit worthy places to go and that we are only exposing the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just know that there are some really good places to go in each and everyone of these areas, and that all of these areas are well worth your time to go visit. In alphabetic

Garagiste Wine Festival Paso Robles 2018

To Quote a fellow Aussie Stewart “The festival is a Paso wine-tasting tradition. Big, bold and badass. So if you’ve never been to our Paso festival, you need to come join the fun.” The garagiste movement, which originated in the Bordeaux region of France, now showcases small-lot winemakers, many of whom work out of their garages. The Paso Garagiste Festival was named the best wine festival in the country in USA Today’s 10 Best list for 2018. The publication’s 10 Best editors pick 20 initial nominees and then the top 10 winners are determined by a popular vote of its readers. The Garagiste Wine Festivals ( are the first and only wine festivals dedicated to the

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