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Bargetto Winery, an American Wine story.

So there I am drinking it a tasting room (stay focused now) in Santa Cruz and this guy (the owner of the winery) steps behind the bar. With corked bottle of wine in hand he tells his staff to smell and taste it and to have the other folks working there smell and taste it when they can (continuing education).

Well surprise surprise, I could not keep my mouth shut and had to chime in. This lead to a great conversation, with non other than John Bargetto himself of Bargetto Winery. We talked and some more wine was poured and we continued the conversation and next thing I know I walk out of there with the book (Vintage Bargetto Celebrating a Century of California Winemaking) that John had had published about some of his family history. After reading the book I am absolutely taken by this well written engaging story that is the great American immigrant story of multiple generations, experiencing success, failure and success again. A story of vision, luck, both good and bad and of a family tenacity to keep going when most would have quit.

I took the book down to Cambria one weekend and enjoyed a really good read. Not very long and a definite easy reader, but engrossing and captivating. Easy see this story being made into a movie!

'The history of the Bargetto winemaking family of Soquel California is an iconic American story, and rich with history - one marked by hard work and determination, family love, setbacks, vision and perseverance.'

The family history is full of fascinating stories including one when in 1924 (during prohibition) the Two Bargetto brothers decided to start a 'bootlegging' operation. Oh yeah those Bargetto boys were scallywags!

Stop on by the tasting room and get a taste, buy some wine and get your own copy of this great book and get to know a bit more about this historic winery and the family behind it. If you live too far away to get their in person order your own copy of the book.

Happy tasting Adventures,



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