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Great Pinot Noir with Cutruzzola Vineyards

Guessing it would not come as a surprise to you that we love a good wine tasting. But when it comes to understanding a winery and it’s winemaker there’s not much better than a good vertical tasting.

A few years ago we discovered a little producer who’s Riesling and Pinot Noir made us down shift and chuck a yewy ( U turn) and have another taste to be sure we were not just having a good day as can sometimes happen.

We check in when we can to see how they are doing and to taste the new releases. The wines continue to impress and we have become unapologetic fans of Cutruzzola Vineyards.

We recently were invited to spend the day tasting their Pinot Noir's from 2010 through the current releases. A vertical of four years and eight wines.

In a beautiful setting in the garden of Robin's restaurant a crowd of wine lovers listened to Frank Cutruzzola as he lead us all through the Cutruzzola vintages and talked us through them season by season. The wet ones, the dry ones and the windy ones.

After being wowed by eight amazing Pinot's everyone enjoyed some wonderful food from Robins Restaurant in Cambria and of course more wine from Cutruzzola including some of their amazing Riesling. Thanks to Lisa and Frank for a great day of wine, to Mareyna for the hospitality and to Karen for taking good care of us.

Enjoy the following little video of the day.

When in Cambria stop in and find out for yourself just how good their wines are. You are welcome!

Happy wine adventures,



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