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Open the good wine.

People often tell us of some incredible bottle of wine they have that is just waiting for that oh so perfectly important event.

Sometimes its a bottle they've saved up for and purchased or maybe at a tasting they fell in love and then spent four times as much as they normally would. Maybe it is an ICON bottle of wine that just demands an epic special event.

No matter the wine the sad thing is that more often than not, it's lonely, growing old and melancholy, and probably not stored all that well to boot. So as they worry about what special occasion could possibly be worthy enough to warrant it being opened, the clock keeps ticking.

There is that thought that the current occasion, Birthday, Anniversary, Birth , Death, Engagement or Wedding is not up to the standard worthy of such a great wine, or that the possibility a much better event may come along.

With that logic what often happens, is that oh so special bottle of wine, well, just dies a slow lonely death of solitude and abandon.

When they do finally open it, it is not showing well, and a great wine moment was lost as that special great wines time has passed.

We say—next time good friends turn up with smiles on their faces—fetch that bottle, you know the one, you purchased it with hopes of a great time sharing with friends, so pull the cork and pour large glasses and toast—here's to loving, laughing, and to living long and prospering. Oh, and yo great wine!

Here's to being in the moment and to sharing that next great bottle!

Happy Wine Adventures,



By the way, we are available to help consume and review good wine!


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