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Strange times indeed...

How good would sitting in a hot bath and looking out at a vineyard with a beautiful glass of Shiraz be right about now? I have thought about doing just that in this very tub at Cambourne Boutique Accommodation with Quin Wines in the Barossa Valley South Australia now for about 5years. Never more so than in this last year!

Being ones that travel two to four times a year this last one has been, well, suffocating to say the least.

I know we’ve seen all the movies and read the dramatic headlines and heard those doom stating scientists, but who actually thought this would have been the global reality? Not us.

Since the start of this pandemic, our homes have been repurposed to accommodate our entire existence; it’s now an office, a school, a daycare, a movie theatre, and a gym, a wine bar, all rolled into one. The media does not help and loves to focus on negative news stories because we’re wired to keep reading. This is called doom scrolling, and to keep yourself from scrolling to oblivion, we suggest you limit your news media intake to no more than once or twice a day for only a short period and unplug from the news at least an hour or two before bed. Otherwise it will do your head in!

We’ve been getting in some extra exercise and of course drinking plenty of the good stuff as a treat to ourselves. We also have some fairly hard and fast consumption limits in place to avoid that excessive imbibing that in these times in particular could easily become a health problem.

Look, we are certainly no experts in this situation, but there is a lot of expert help out there if you need it. Whether it’s someone to talk to or getting some medical care, there are online and phone line resources available for free or through your medical insurance coverage. Reach out. I guess that’s what this is about.

Please reach out…

Any way, it does seem there may be light at the end of the tunnel with a number of vaccines being released and quite some more just around the corner. So while I dream about me being in that tub (sorry for that visual) with a glass of incredible Quinn wine we will wish you all the resilience you require to hang in there and the good sense to reach out for whatever you need, and to soon be enjoying all the beautiful things this world has to offer again soon.

Cheers to the future,


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