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A month of Wine Tasting for the price of a weekend

Tasting wine is supposed to be just that, tasting. Not seeing how many places you can hit and how fast you can move on to the next one until you drop.

That is why we believe that the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley Month long Passport is a brilliant idea!

Nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo Mountain Range sits the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley ~ one of the oldest regions in California. Oh and as we have discovered, produce spectacular wine.

While trying to get a handle on the *Wineries of Santa Clara Valley* region we discovered that while the numbers seemed like just a few trips would be needed, the experience did not allow for that to happen.

Basically this is going to be an ongoing multi-part Adventure, as what we have discovered is, not only are there some very nice wines, there are also some very nice people to spend time talking to. Not to mention some amazing places to taste and enjoy the wine and company.

The area also has a very long history that is a big part of the makeup of the area. Long a vibrant growing region for premium wine grapes, the Santa Clara Valley is now home to over 30 wineries, of every size and shape, from long established family operations to relatively small newcomers working out of their garages.

The following places are some we have visited so far. Get the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley map to plot your course.

Get your passport and enjoy not only great wine tasting but deals and discounts at lots of local restaurants.

Happy Tasting Adventures,



Passport Partner Offers September 7th - September 30th Visit the 29 partners who include restaurants, wine bars, hotels and transportation companies who have partnered with the passport month and are offering exclusive discounts to Passport holders like overnight stay discounts, free corkage and free appetizers. Reference your Passport book for those participating Passport Partners or at Santaclarawines

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