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World Class Pebble Beach Food and Wine

If you are a foodie or a wine lover and love a beautiful international destination setting, you must check out Pebble Beach Food & Wine next year. Mixed in with the amazing wine, is great food made by award-winning chefs as well as beer, whiskey, tequila, and good music.

This year thanks to Mower Agency we were afforded access to three events. The first one was on Friday morning with Master Sommelier, Bobby Stuckey, Life in 8 Glasses.

Bobby had selected 8 wines that were pivotal in his professional journey. We got to taste the closest version of these wines from his personal favorites while Bobby told the tale of his charmed life and these very interesting and exceptional wines.

Bobby took us on a series of adventures through these wines in what was a truly educational and entertaining session that was a very unique experience. A term you will hear often as a hallmark of the Pebble Beach Food and Wine events.

On Saturday afternoon it was off to the Lexus Grand Tasting event. Thanks to Lexus for the classy touch of the Lexus sponsored,(if you drive your Lexus in, it's FREE) valet parking right in front of the event tent. Yes, it is really nice!

From the outside, it is a huge white tent. Once inside it transforms into a magical setting with some of the worlds best wines and amazing food tasting. The food that the chefs were serving was phenomenal, and, let's be honest, after sampling many wines, the palette is happy to enjoy some food to accompany these lovely wines. You can tell so much work is put into the setting and it looked stunning in every way.

If you enjoy wine, this event is an amazing opportunity to try a wide variety of some of the worlds great wines under one roof. To quote the organizers " The Lexus Grand Tasting Tent at Pebble Beach Food & Wine is the weekend's most spectacular opportunity for maximum culinary indulgence. With over 300 wines from top-notch producers from around the world to a "who's who" list of 30 top celebrity chefs, this is your chance to mingle, mix and sip with the very best in the field."

If 3 hours of tasting and snacking are not enough for one day that evening it was off to the Gather, A JW Epicurean & Mindful Experience at the Pebble Beach, Beach and Tennis Club.

This was an al fresco garden party at the Pebble Beach Tennis Club under the stars and is touted as being reflective of another upcoming Gather, A JW Epicurean & Mindful experience taking place this September in Venice, Italy. This enchanting aperitivo evening brings together a few top culinary experiences of Pebble Beach, CA and Venice, Italy with exquisite Italian dishes, a delightful wine selection, some herbaceous cocktails, and music, all in a luxurious and spectacular setting overlooking the water. While the theme was lost on some, the setting was simply stunning.

Pebble Beach Food and Wine is always a great event to attend, with so many types and styles of things to attend from opening celebrations, wine tastings and educational seminars, to cooking demonstrations and dinners and after parties. While not inexpensive there is a level of exclusivity that you just cannot access at most other events. But you know what, it doesn't get better than a 5-star food and wine festival with a beautiful beach and coastal backdrop. This is definitely the event for foodies and the best of the best when it comes to food and wine events.

Not only is the event world class, so is the area it is held in. With that in mind, we would suggest that when you plan your vacation for the five days at events, add some days ahead or after to enjoy this stunningly beautiful part of the world that is is the Monterey Peninsula.

Happy Wine Adventures,



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