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What is a Mollydooker?

So what is a Mollydooker, and why you should care. A mollydooker is an Australian expression for a left-handed person. The term itself being Aussie slang for a “left hander’, was a befitting name for a new company in 2005 as both co founders are left handers, hence the name, Mollydooker.

Mollydooker Wines Pty Ltd is based in the McLaren Vale wine region in South Australia. It was founded by Sarah and Sparky Marquis in 2005. As of a few years ago it is now owned and operated by Sarah who was the Australian Woman in Wine Award winner of “ Owner / Operator of the Year Award 2018”

Mollydooker has an established reputation for producing world-class wines. For instance, the 2006 Velvet Glove Shiraz was awarded 99 points by Robert Parker. Additionally, the winery's Carnival of Love Shiraz placed among the top ten wines by Wine Spectator for both the 2006 and 2007 vintages. In 2014, Wine Spectator awarded the 2012 vintage of Carnival of Love Shiraz the number two wine in the world and the accolades continue to pile up every year. Their unique and specialized vineyard watering program is what they believe makes their grapes the best they can be and based on all the accolades we think they are on to something.

But look, the best part about wine and tasting and drinking it are the experiences that come with it. Talk about vineyards and barrels and winemaking magic all day, but the bottom line is, wine is a lifestyle and an experience thing and of course how it taste's.

On our annual visits to the wine capital of the world Mollydooker is one place that we try to visit, not only because we love their wines but for the experience.

We are usually there during the winter but always enjoy our tour of the facility and tasting some new wines that are about to be bottled. The tour of the facility is always fun and educational and is a new experience each time as the facility evolves. Tasting a wine before its bottled and then buying that vintage a while later is always a fun thing, and makes for wonderful stories to share. Oh, and we love to share!

So what's better than a tour?

Go ahead and make a day of it, learn the secret handshake and make it a special occasion! Book a tour, light lunch and tasting! After your tour of the winery, you’ll have a hosted light lunch of delicious home grown seasonal veggies and amazing local specialty foods waiting for you to enjoy with a tasting of those lovely Mollydooker wines. Bookings are essential so plan ahead, but do it!

We always so enjoy our experience with the lovely people and hospitality of the Mollydooker team. Oh and don't forget those wonderful award winning wines. We consider it a must do!


Happy wine adventures,


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