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Can you imagine a world without wine?

Corvina Guerra is a traveling winemaker hoping to settle down in her family’s Italian vineyard. After she pays a visit to a local winemaker’s winery (as a family favor) she finds her world turned upside down and thrown into quite the mystery. An outbreak of phylloxera, a plant louse that devastated vineyards everywhere in Europe over a century ago, has infested the vines of the winery and has the potential to spread to every winery in the country. Who could have done it and why? Corvina and Bryan make it their mission to get to the bottom of the mystery. If they don’t stop the spread of the outbreak, could it be the end of the entire wine industry?

In his latest book, Root Cause, Steven Laine creates a story that will give all wine lovers nightmares!

Right out of the box it captures the readers attention -


"Worst winery in Italy"

and within a few pages you are hooked.

What starts as a visit to an under performing winery by flying winemaker Corvina Guerra. After a short review of winery conditions and a tasting of the wines it was into the vineyard where by page ten the world of wine was about to into shock and denial and both sides were going into turmoil.

The story immediately shifts into high gear and is a full throttle story till the end. The vernacular is spot on for those that understand but not enough of it to throw off a non speaker of wine geek. The story shifts and changes direction enough to keep you from guessing the plot twists. It also means you will not want to put it down.

Root Cause tells an intriguing story about vineyards, the wine industry, greed, revenge, some sexual tension and of course wine. A good read for anyone who likes a suspenseful and fast paced read.

Being released soon, get a copy and enjoy a good read. We 'recommend' you do!

Get your copy here!

Happy Wine Adventures, Cheers,


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