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Grand Crus Classes of Saint Emilion 2017

Who does not love a good wine tasting. We sure love to taste new wine and to get to taste a bunch of French wines from Saint Emilion. We were lucky enough to get invited to attend the 2017 Grand Crus Classes of Saint Emilion at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco. 

While in general this was a fairly typical tasting, you know, a bunch of winery owners or their family flogging their wares. This was a very focused tasting of a select and esteemed region in France.

Yes we were excited. So how did it go. First off... two unique and fantastic things. No, not wine, although the wines were from good to very good to a couple greats. No the two amazing things were physical. Whom ever set up this event, we salute you!

First up the wineries listed in the book were arranged in the same order with each winery and listed on the table tag. Talk about easy to find who you were looking for. 

Second and most important was something we have written about before. The spit buckets  were on tables away from the pouring. Brilliant! It had exactly the two affects we thought it would. Firstly while some did carry their own spit cups most were getting their taste, some info, and moving out of the way for the next person. It made for a much better flow of tasters.

Finally this was a much more civilized event without having to deal with folks spitting at your crotch. While we understand the need to spit having done away from the pouring solved the crowding, the milling about and the wine stains on the crotch.

We tasted through some lovely wine and enjoyed our afternoon exploring the wines of Saint Emilion.

Happy Wine Tasting Adventures,



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