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Balnaves 2018 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, The Tally, Coonawarra

"Among his many pursuits, Doug Balnaves was a shearer of Merino sheep. A shearer in Australia is paid by the number of sheep he shears. Counted every two-hour period, the Tally is recorded in the Tally book. The higher the Tally, the greater the recognition among his peers for skill and hard work. As an expression of this tradition, the Balnaves family see the wine ‘THE TALLY’ as the ultimate achievement for their company."

Balnaves was established in 1975 in the southern part of the Coonawarra Terra Rossa strip in the southern part of South Australia.

We purchased this premium wine after a lovely tasting at Balnaves great cellar door in Coonawarra. After tasting through the range I could not leave without taking a couple with me.

We always enjoy our travels and adventures in Coonawarra South Australia. The region is stacked full of excellent producers and is a magical area to visit. It is one of our favorite wine regions globally.

The 2018 Tally has a beautifully complex nose of blackcurrant, blackberry, chocolate, and some vanilla oak from the Taransaud Barriques. Powerful, full-bodied and rich, dry wine with a tight tannin structure. Flavors of blackberry, cassis, mint, and an earthy undercurrent. It is a classic wine with structure and depth and a fine example of Coonawarra wine. We rate this wine two stars and a 9 on our scale. A rare find indeed the Tally has typically been rated 96 - 97 points by others for the last decade. A great Aussie wine!

Head downunder to Coonawarra and experience the wonderful hospitality, wine, and food of this world-class wine region




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