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Our days and nights with Viking River Cruises

From Trier Germany down the Mosel River, to the Rhine and finally the Main. A journey of wonder and amazement with Viking River Cruises.

Where to start?

Lets start as the alarm goes off on our first full day on the River Boat Alsvin. Alarm you say? Yes, some of us can sleep through a storm, particularly in such comfortable rooms and the days start with a full on breakfast and then going on our tours which typically left at 9am.

Each day there are provided tours and also some that are at an extra cost. We did most of the provided tours and a couple extra cost ones because we are not the type to miss out on anything. These tours were amazing and the tour guides were fantastic. The guides spoke great English and usually 3-5 other languages as well as their native languages. They were often locals and all were a treasure of local interest and history. Don't miss anyone of them!

Returning to the boat for afternoon drinks or dinner we were often tired but full of the wonder of the beautiful places where we were had been. Every time without fail we were treated night after night to the most wonderful food and wine. A fantastic selection with specials every night and an amazing attentive engaging staff.

Traveling by river boat through the beautiful rivers of Germany was like a fantasy everyday.

With breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery all around us as well as castles, gingerbread houses and stone bridges. It really is a bit like a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale without the bad stuff.

We traveled some of the most iconic rivers: the Moselle with its steep vineyards; the castle-studded Rhine; and the Main, lined with beautiful quaint villages and towns. We tasted legendary Moselle Rieslings (a lot of them) and surveyed the Rhine from the 900-year-old Marksburg Castle. Simply amazing!

We did a number of tours and walks, ate wonderful food and drank coffee's and wine in magical places that took us back to a simpler time. All in the most amazing towns of Trier, Cochem, Koblenz, Heidelberg, Würzburg, Bamberg and Nuremberg, The group had an amazing time and I think another River Cruise is in our future. We rate it a MUST DO, or perhaps a must do again!

Happy Wine Adventures,



Enjoy the following gallery of our adventures...

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