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Torbreck 2015 The Steading Blanc

What the heck is a Steading? On a highland farm the collection of barns, stables and its outbuildings is known as a steading. With that piece of clarification out of the way lets get to the wine.

The Steading Blanc is a blend of three classic white Rhone varietal grapes, Marsanne, 65% Rousanne, 30% and Viognier, 5%. All of the grapes were picked at the Descendant Vineyard. Marsanne and Viognier ever so 'gently seasoned' in French barriques. Flinty minerals, with a subtle butteriness. Surprisingly rich for something so bright yellow with lovely zesty citrus and a nice acid balance for a beautiful finish.

This wine was a gift, both literally and figuratively. Thanks for the gift of a lovely wine Matt, and for the gift of being exposed to such a lovely white wine from a producer who we always think of for great red wine.

On our unique scale this lovely wine gets *** and 7+.

Buy your own Torbreck wines here in the USA and Australia .



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