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Wine preservation for all

We all, well most of us, have those revered bottles of wine that we want to savor but don’t always have the situation to drink it at one sitting.

The absolute horror of wasting any part of a great bottle is paralyzing to most. This then leads to a bottle waiting for that super special occasion that never comes and a beautiful bottle dies a slow lonely death.

Then there are those that just don't want to drink a bottle of wine in a couple nights. There are some preservation options with needles and such but is there an inexpensive alternative? The simple answer is yes, and recently one was sent our way to check out.

The ArT wine preservation system. An easy inexpensive way to have a glass of great wine every other night so the glass you drink on day 9 is as good as the first.

The idea is a relatively simple one. Prevent oxidation and bacterial contamination. Yes bacterial contamination! The air around us is full of bacteria. Not to mention the fact that most of the air extraction pumps do not remove all the air, only most of it, which is only marginally effective in keeping your precious commodity preserved.

The hand operated air removal pumps fail on two levels. One not all the air can be removed and what is left also has bacteria which degrades the aromas of your great wine.

By putting a layer of the noble gas Argon like a protective blanket all bacterial and oxidation processes are stopped dead in their tracts. As a side note use this for your good coffee beans you want to keep as fresh as possible as well.

I opened a bottle of Napa Cabernet and enjoyed a glass before following the directions and spraying two seconds of Argon into the bottle and sealing it with the provided cork stopper. Again following the directions I place the upright bottle in a cool place to be retrieved a couple days later to enjoy a second glass.

This process and time line was done three more times with the final glass being as tight and full of aromas as the fist.

While the claim is it preserves for weeks we have only done it for 9 days as we do not have the willpower to make good wine last any longer. We are going to continue to try!

All in all we found the ArT wine preservation system works as advertised.

Get one here or get a four pack, we 'recommend' you do and follow that New Years resolution to drink more great wine without the risk it ends up down the sink. Go through your wine locker (closet) and pull out and enjoy those special bottles you have or just any bottle you may not finish and just enjoy knowing it will still be good for many days to come.

Happy Wine Adventures,



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