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How to arrive healthy when flying.

While most people think that the “recycled” air you breathe in while flying in planes is the main cause of illnesses, it really isn't. Wait, what you ask? Look, the air is constantly filtered through hospital-grade HEPA filters at a rate of approximately a complete scrub every five - six minutes meaning it's some of the cleanest air you will ever breathe. I know, crazy huh. So no, its not the air!

What you really need to watch out for are all those germ covered surfaces. While the trays are far and away the germiest part of a plane (don’t rest any food on it without a napkin or prior to wiping down), there are other surfaces like the armrests, seat belts, remote controls, touch screens and buttons and handles. They have the potential to be absolute petri dishes of germs. That cute two year old that has his finger up his nose or in has mouth touching everything... Then don't forget there is the lavatory areas that are truly disgustingly dirty and are cleaned sparingly at best due to time constraints.

Wipe down your area with some sort of bacteria killing cleaning wipe! Open every thing and wipe it down. Pull out the remote and really scrub the whole thing including the cable. The tray is obvious but don't forget the latch and don't forget to wipe after food trays have been put on your tray.. Armrests all around and if by the window, don't forget the shade and anywhere you may contact or touch.

Not to say you need to clean the dunny, but wash your hands and wipe them once seated again. You may need to moisturize according to our wives as the wipes can be drying (we would'nt know about that).

From our experience, and there is a lot of it, this is the best travel tip to avoid getting sick on or after your holiday. After dozens of flights both domestic and international we swear by this approach.

So there it is, the secret is in the wiping and the big sickness saving tip you have been waiting for.

Cheers to your health!

Happy Travel Adventures,



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