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Jules Verne Eiffel Tower Paris

Travel adventures from European trip #1 Kiwi gores to France.

Some places are obvious points to visit in Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower. Doing the tourist thing is fantastic and a must do, but you really should delve a little deeper. This goes for a number of things. Paris is known for its gastronomy, and so what better way to indulge in that than indulging on or in I guess, one of the most recognizable structures in the world.

There are a couple of nice dining options in the Eiffel Tower but one is pretty high end.

You enter on a private elevator on the Pilier Sud and you arrive at one of the premier restaurants in Paris – the Jules Verne.

Located on the second level of the famous tower if offers commanding views of Paris, including the Seine, Arc de Triomphe, and the infamous “Aweful Tower”.

We booked well in advance for our dinner via the website Reservations are a must, and for good reason. This is a sort after experience!

At €190-230 for a five or six course meal, plus wine, it is not a casual event, but possibly one of those once in a lifetime experiences. I mean after all you just traveled half way around the world so why not?

The wait staff are fabulous, with every request met with good humor and professionalism. We asked to change tables a couple of times as others opened up to get a better / different view with no problem or eye rolling.

We ordered several bottles of wine from their 'manual' of wine choices! All were amazing and the sommelier was extremely helpful.

The food kept coming! Not a meal but an experience! Small bites to a delicious main course for all. The first four courses were fixed menu items with marinated sea bream, duck confit and lobster! Veal, chicken or fish for the main, and desserts to die for. Most interesting of all, a spork! Still giggling over that strange utensil.

And with more wine. Did I mention the wine?!

Plan to spend some time at Le Jules Verne, have a great meal, soak up the ambiance and extraordinary views, and leave satisfied, with fond memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Travel Adventures,



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