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My cup runeth over 🍷

How often would you like to take a couple of glasses of wine with you to a picnic or some such thing and you start wishing you had a good split with a screw cap (sorry this is not Australia)? Well, while that may not happen there is another option (besides your Starbucks travel mug) that may just fill the need.

We are not ponces but we are not ones to drink out of plastic containers unless there is absolutely no option. Well now there is an option! Not only is there an option they come in colours to match your outfit!

The GOVERRE (go-vare) is a glass, a portable beverage (read wine for us) glass with a protective silicone sleeve and a drink through (sippy) lid. These go anywhere glasses will hold about 16-17 ounces of wine (or other beverage of choice) and while a standard serving of wine totals only about five ounces, therefore, if you'll be heading out for a few hours and think you'll need more than one serving, you can bring along about three solid glasses of wine.

The colorful silicone sleeves that comes wrapped around each of these glasses make them more fun and colorful, it also makes them more durable and resistant to breakage, which when in your purse is a good thing! The silicone does slow the warming but not as much as we would have hoped.

We preferred drinking after taking the lid off as the sippy cup method had us dribbling every time (could be just us) no matter how many positions we tried of twisting the lid seal. The lid seal is not infallible so wherever you do put it, keep it upright and you'll be good to go.

Overall a pretty good idea that adds some color to a much better option than plastic.

Happy Drinking Adventures,



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