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Santa Clara, a wine tasting secret

Wine tasting in Santa Clara Valley? Yes, you read that correctly. One of the best kept wine tasting secrets we know of. Ok, so we didn't know much of it really till recently, but now we do and you should too!

Just south of San Jose and situated in an area that is bordered on one side by the Santa Cruz Mountains and on the other by the Diablo Range, Santa Clara Valley has a very Mediterranean climate that lends itself perfectly to the craft that is viticulture. The area is probably better known for the Gilroy Outlet Malls.

The grape vines in the AVA love the temperature difference that occurs with warm days and cool to cold evenings. This area has the type of climate and topography, that with some thoughtful site selection, allows you successfully grow almost any variety of vine you wish.

After tasting a handful of area wines from a section of the wineries, it was apparent that there are some quality wines here that a lot of people need to know about. We've started looking into the area wines and finding that they are collecting an amazing number of credible accolades, did not come as a surprise. What did come as a surprise is the long and amazing history of some of the original wineries.

With over 30 plus member wineries there are a plethora of delightful tasting choices from the small family setup that offers tastings on the back patio, to some larger operations with picnic areas, banquet rooms and or wedding facilities and a few really cool facilities that are quite unusual. With many Gold and Double Gold medals as well as so many other awards among them there is solid validation of the tastings had so far. We are looking forward to doing them all! Yep, you read that correctly! Tasting from every one of the members of the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley. We will be giving a far crack no matter what.

The Wineries of Santa Clara Valley have a big month coming up in September and recon you should attend. A Passport month. Yes you read that right a whole month, so no need to bust a plugger rushing out for one weekend to squeeze it all in. With a month you can take your time and really enjoy some of the beautiful and unique tasting opportunities here.

Join us for Fall Passport and come wine taste at 30+ wineries and receive exclusive offers at local Passport Partner businesses!

Happy Travel Adventures,



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