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A day at the Quay (key)

Flying into Australia via Sydney? Look if your not already, adjust your flights to give you at least a 6 hour layover in the middle of the day. Once on the ground check your baggage to the next destination and then if needed, check your larger carry ons except a small bag for your important stuff at the baggage storage place nearest your gate.

Then head on over to the greenline train station and purchase a round trip ticket to the Circular Quay (<$40 Aust).

Sit back and enjoy a fifteen minute ride from the either the international or domestic terminals to the Quay.

So what time did you arrive will determine what's next. Before 11am, wander over to one of the ferries (your pass you purchased is good on the ferries) and take a ride to Manly Beach and enjoy the views if one of the most spectacular harbors in the world with the option of getting lunch in the beautiful beach town of Manly or as we did stay on board and return to the Quay. If after 11 adjust the schedule to get all these activities in.

Once back at the Quay we walked through the the spectacular Queens gardens. Take as much time as you can and go deep into this magnificent green belt. Cockatoos fly around as well as parakeets and all kinds of cool aussie bird life including the ever present bin chickens.

Onced done with your walk head over to the Opera Bar and enjoy a lovely lunch and a bottle of wine, or do as we did and enjoy a bottle of Champagne.

We enjoyed fish and chips and a presuto pizza with a bottle of bubbles. Such a lovely spot to be enjoying good food, beautiful Champagne and world class views of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. Very special. Be wary of the seagulls as they are very very bold, so keep a close eye on your food.

Also keep an eye on the time as you will want to leave the Quay about 3 hours before your international flight and two hours ahead of your domestic flight.

So go on, enjoy a little break from your travels, no matter the weather, in one of the most amazing iconic places on the planet. We tend to be there in winter and the first time the day was raining and a bit blustery so no walk in the gardens but so enjoyed our day.


Happy travel adventures,


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