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D2 DeLille Cellars, get some!

In these troubled times, nice things still happen. A couple of bottles of the DeLille Cellars 2017 D2 was sent our way courtesy of DeLille Cellars. In taking a look at the info sent with the wine The D2 always leads with Merlot. Excellent, it’s #MerlotMonth

It’s a traditional Bordeaux-style blend that happens to be sourced from 15 of the states' most prestigious vineyards across the Columbia Valley to get that wonderful Washington State terroir. 

With 66% Merlot, 29% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Cabernet Franc and 2% Petit Verdot which is all cold soaked for 24-36 hours before being fermented on the skins for 12-14 days and then resting up for 18 months in 100% French Oak with 55% new. 

Given the current COVID situation we haven’t been able to hang out and drink so sharing this took longer than normal, but we finally did get the cork pulled and a chance to check this out together. 

So there we were swirling our glasses, you know, as you do, sipping and swirling and tossing out a thought or two. Rather than repeat all our nonsensical mutterings it generally goes like this. 

Dark deep color and on the nose some dark fruit and herb with more blackberries and blueberries mixed with some chocolate and perhaps a little clove and vanilla for your palate in this medium-bodied wine. Tannins are fine and unobtrusive on the finish but do help with balance. It’s 3 stars for price and a 7 on our scale.

To put it into more technical terms, it was lovely. Look we recon you could take this to share with the father in law for dinner and win some attaboy points even though you married his daughter. 

Tuns out this label is one of DeLille Cellars' most popular labels which given the awarded lineup means it’s got to be worth you getting some to try for yourself. Oh, by the way, we drank it all 👍🍷

Thank you again to Delille Cellars for sending us this lovely drop that would make a good choice for any occasion.

Happy Wine Adventures,



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