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A new novel from Steven Laine.

The story opens with fires raging through Santa Rosa in Napa Valley California and Carmine, the center of the story, racing back to the family vineyard where he had left his farther after an argument while hand picking grapes.

Chapter 2 starts in 235 B.C. China and chapter 3 with street gang action in San Francisco!

The story does not slow down from there intertwining these various events and characters in a wild ride of twists and turns.

Carmine takes over his family winery, after the… well read the story to find out why, while adding to his problems he is also dealing with outstanding debts, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, federal investigation, and being strong armed by a criminal gang!

Toss in some kidnapping, gunfights, an unknown Chinese grape vine and with almost insurmountable odds to an ending that, well you’ll need to read, and I dare say enjoy, the book to find out…

An engaging style of writing with some technical wine language thrown in at the right time with exciting story lines makes this a good read whether or not you are into wine or not. Give the book a read, it’s very engaging.


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