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Drones! They’re ruining everything!

Ok ok, a dramatic headline. We get it, but give us a paragraph or two to explain our reasoning.

Before the trip, you used to look at photos of where you were going taken by other travelers or maybe made spiffy by professional photographers. But nowadays you watch videos of wherever you are heading from drones flying high above the special place you are visiting and observe it from a superior perspective that you will never actually see. No tourist can ever see what they have been teased with in these drone photos and videos.

There are thousands of beautiful drone videos and photos of places you may visit but they generally set us all up for some level of disappointment. Here are three photos I took in San Gimignano a couple of months back. Then a drone video link and a photo taken by a drone to make a point.

Look, it's not going to stop us from traveling to the world's great places but it does make one put those pre-visit expectations into check.

Cheers, and have a good one,


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