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Red Bubbles for Christmas

What to Drink for Christmas or any other occasion really.

So, what is this wine for Christmas we talk of you ask?

Firstly, let's just say that we find the typical top whatever wines for Christmas list stuff beyond boring. What pairs best for this or that food, etc, etc. That being said, a wine style we love for all kinds of occasions that is rare outside of Australia is a good sparkling red. Particular Sparkling Shiraz! Now there are a ton of lovely sparkling reds in Australia but one that stands out for us is from a very small family-owned winery in the McLaren Vale area called Show Block.

We met Sarae & John Adamopoulos through Instagram at a tasting a few years ago in Adelaide CBD. Every minute we have spent with them over the years is filled with joy. We also were very impressed with their full range of lovely wines with almost all of them at weeknight drinking prices.

John's father migrated to Australia from Greece in 1956 and began growing wine grapes in McLaren Vale very soon after. Although being taught the art of traditional winemaking at a young age, John pursued a career in Engineering. Despite this, his passion for wine never left him and in 2008 John began making small batches of hand-crafted wine under the Show Block label from family-owned vineyards. He is now the full-time caretaker of Show Block Wines. Sarae's involvement in the winery comes seamlessly as she believes in helping people enhance their lives through joyous celebration and a positive attitude, as well as choosing clean, natural, and healthy products. They believe wine is one of the most enjoyable ways to bring friends and family together. Who are we to disagree?

But back to the wine that triggered this writing. The Red Afro Sparkling Shiraz!

With plenty of awards for their Shiraz, John had a hunch that these same Currency Creek vines would be well suited to a sparkling Shiraz. So, one year he set aside 10 tonnes of grapes making about 750 cases and they have never looked back!

It was such a hit that at every event there are people bringing friends to have them taste this sparkling beauty.

We love it for a number of reasons but firstly, it tastes great, you can taste that it is made from premium grapes, but the big surprise is its brilliant price at $25 Australian a bottle! The label is also a hit. Afro in Greek means fizz, and we all know of the Afro hairstyle, so it all came together easily.

The rest of the lineup is a rippa as well so get a taste of them all. Given the time of year, perhaps one of their seasonal special packs may be your best way to discover some wonderful wines including our pick for Christmas type celebrations Red Afro Sparkling Shiraz!

Sharing in the Show Block experience!

It's true their forefathers watched the Mediterranean sun set over their vineyards. That sounds very romantic, but so is watching the Southern Cross appear over their moonlit vines every evening in the McLaren Vale in the heart of South Australia's beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula. Order yourself some of their wines (current seasonal bargains make it even better) for the Holidays to share, give, or simply to drink and enjoy.



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