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Top 10 wines for the Holidays!

If you are like us, and most of you are not, when we see headlines like the one above we pretty much just scroll on by or simply tune it out. Usually this scrolling by is accompanied by some pretty athletic eye-rolling. Let's just say that we find the typical top whatever wines for Holidays/Christmas list stuff beyond boring. What pairs best for this or that food, blah blah blah.

But here we are joining the boring list gang. That being said we do think there are some basics that make sense.

Now for almost all celebratory events, you can't go wrong with bubbles (just saying). There are lots to choose from. Here's the thing. If you normally do not drink Champagne, don't get it! Get what you normally would for any other time you buy bubbles or at least one you have enjoyed at an event or at someone else's expense. Buy those!

The same applies to any other wine. Don't go nuts and splurge just because you are trying to impress someone that, "name that holiday" is so special you purchased something to impress and perhaps not enjoy. Buy what you are familiar with or that you have had before that you really enjoyed so you don't have any not-so-great surprises and buyer's remorse.

If you are really new to wine and only have a couple of go-tos and are looking for some options, go wine tasting and find a couple of new favorites, or buy one of those special bottles ahead of time and drink it. If you are not thrilled try another. This way you won't be disappointed by someone else's opinions. There are heaps of lovely Prosecco, Cava's, and Sparkling wines to choose from not to mention heaps of great (not expensive wines) to choose from.

This time of year can be stressful enough without the added stress of getting the perfect bottle. Just get something you will like and leave the showing off to all the influencers out there who like to share the unobtanium or completely unaffordable. Most don't even open the bottles they are showing you... look at the photos, most are of sealed bottles.

Cheers to making the season enjoyable,

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