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Founded by one of SA's most influential wine figures, Jim Barry Wines has been one of the most acclaimed in the Clare Valley region since it began in 1974. Since becoming Managing Director in 1985 Peter, one of Jim's sons, became the second generation at the helm building the brand into a world-class producer.

One of Peter's sons, Tom Barry, is Jim Barry Wine's third-generation winemaker. As the Clare Valley is the Riesling capital of Australia, Tom’s interest in wine grew into a passion for Riesling. In 2010 he completed a vintage with Dr. Ernst Loosen in the Mosel Valley, Germany.

"The friendship between Erni Loosen of the Dr. Loosen Estate in Germany and Peter Barry of Jim Barry Wines in Australia’s Clare Valley began in London in 1995. Forged out of mutual respect for the noble variety, Riesling, this collaboration of ideas pays homage to the winemaking techniques used in their respective homes of the Mosel and Clare. Ernst Loosen and Peter Barry, from the Jim Barry Winery, have been friends for over 30 years. In 2015, they saw each other at Riesling Downunder and had the idea to do a Riesling together in Australia and on the Mosel. The Riesling grapes for the Mosel project come from Dr. Loosen’s vineyards and are vinified and aged in stainless steel, à la Australian winemaking."

Let's start with this. Clare Valley is the Riesling capital of Australia.

Anyone who knows a little about wine also knows that when one talks of Riesling one starts with those from the Mosel region in Germany. The next sentence is almost always about Dr. Loosen Rieslings. How cool is it that this project or projects, have come to fruition? Gathering accolades from all over the wine world upon release and just gathering steam. Brilliant wine!

A wine review and comparison on both the Walhala and Wolta Wolta in an upcoming article.

* Wine named after the majestic hall ruled over by Odin in Norse mythology. It was the place where warriors went after death and Odin welcomed them with majestic, full of wine, dinners!



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