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Winter and the windshield

For those of you without fancy start the car from inside-the-house technology this will help.

1. Start your car: Turn on the ignition and let your car warm up. This will help to heat up the interior of the car so you can start the defrosting process.

2. Turn on the defroster: Most cars have a defrost setting on the heater controls. Turn this on to the highest setting. This will blow warm air onto the windshield and help to melt the ice. Don't forget to push the AC button.

3. Use a windshield de-icer: If the ice is thick, you may need to use a special scrapper de-icer. These are available in most auto parts stores. There are also spray-style applications available as well. Simply spray the de-icer onto the windshield and wait a few minutes for it to work.

4. Scrape off the ice: Use a plastic ice scraper to remove the ice from the windshield. Start at the top and work your way down, using short, firm strokes.

5. Use your windshield wipers: Once the ice has been removed, use your windshield wipers to clear away any remaining ice or de-icer.

6. Keep the defroster on: Keep the defroster on until the windshield is completely clear. This will help to prevent the windshield from fogging up.

Remember, it's important to clear all the ice from your windshield before you start driving. Driving with an icy or foggy windshield can be very dangerous.

Also when driving around keep the heat blowing where you want and turn on the A/C as this will act as a dehumidifier and stop the windows from fogging up. This will allow for a safe winter wine-tasting adventure.

You are welcome and happy winter motoring,


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